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Inupiaq alphabet (Atchagat)

A a Ch ch G g Ġ ġ
H h I i K k L l Ḷ ḷ
Ł ł
Ł̣ ł̣
M m
/a/ /tʃ - c/ /ɣ/ /ʁ/ /h/ /i/ /k/ /l/ /ʎ/ /ɬ - l̥/ / - ʎ̥/ /m/
N n Ñ ñ
Ŋ ŋ
P p Q q R r S s Sr sr T t U u V v Y y
/n/ /ɲ/ /ŋ/ /p/ /q/ /ʐ/ /s - ç/ /ʂ/ /t/ /u/ /v - β/ /j/


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